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Support Groups

Online support groups via Zoom for you.

Support Groups

Online support groups via Zoom for you.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Merulae’s support groups are confidential and facilitated by experienced counsellors and therapists.

The group may have an open focus whereby individuals lead the discussion or have a particular focus such as coping strategies, anxiety, depression, loss or stress.

Telford & Wrekin Residents

Support from Telford & Wrekin Council has allowed us to provide a number of free online support groups. 

If you live in Telford or work at any care home in Telford, please email supportgroups@merulae.org for more information and to register for your free place.


Your experience is valid and true to you, sharing it with others could help you and someone listening.


Where do the groups take place?

The groups take place via Zoom. A link to join the group will be sent out prior to the date and time, all we will need is an email address.

I'm a bit worried about being on a live video meeting, what's it like?

In each meeting you will find helpful and caring people. You only participate as much as you are comfortable with.  You have complete control over your audio and video – you can mute the audio and/or turn off the video. 

Why do your groups use Zoom video? Why not text or telephone?

We really want you to be able to connect with other people. The video allows you to see others in the group and make the session more like face to face meetings. Sometimes we might share a short presentation to help focus the session and provide helpful information.

Who are the people who faciliate the meetings?

Our groups are lead by trained counsellors and therapists who have certifications and acreditations. Their job is to manage the conversation so that each person feels that have a chance to speak, if they want to.

Is a support group instead of seeing a healthcare professional?

No! Please make use of any statutory services that are available to you, for example your GP or local mental health services. Our groups can be additional support whilst you seek professional help.

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Free Chat

An opportunity to ask any initial questions you might have. It is for information only.

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Low cost

We offer some groups free of charge, with others being a small nominal fee to cover hosting of the group.

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