Merulae is a Shropshire based company. They focus on encouraging conversations around mental health and wellbeing within businesses and communities. They provide; bespoke training, counselling, psychotherapy and governance for all sectors as well as clinical supervision.

Recently they have been successful in achieving CPD Accreditation by the CPD standards office for two of their courses – Merulae Mental Health Awareness and a Certificate in Counselling Theory and Skills – they are now able to provide online training, counselling and psychotherapy. Impressively, they are also awaiting a further three accreditations. CPD courses enable professionals to continue with a commitment to their personal and professional skills through their careers, which is often a requirement of their profession to source courses of this nature.

All services are available online which has meant that Merulae can offer online programmes, and that help, training and support are more accessible to a vast array of businesses and communities. Charlotte from Merulae says “It has enabled us to reach a wider audience and share our knowledge of Mental Health and emotional wellbeing – enabling course participants to be confident in supporting others in the workplace and home life, not forgetting their self-care”. Being online provides a platform for people to confidentially and discreetly seek help which may not be otherwise accessible. They can now accommodate online support groups which offer a safe, guided space. The groups are facilitated by experienced counsellors and therapists which are either led by the individuals or are sessions that will cover specific subjects such as; coping strategies, anxiety, depression or loss.

The counsellors and therapists at Merulae ensure that everyone is heard and respected whilst supporting their mental health and wellbeing as individuals, which is in line with their core values. As the world heads into uncharted waters, it is important for employees and employers to feel safe, secure and listened to in their employment. The current pandemic has no doubt been a heightened cause for anxiety and distress within the workplace. Especially as no end date can be forecasted.

Merulae are equally passionate about ending the stigma and encouraging the conversations that aren’t always easy to have. There’s a damaging assumption that workers should put their human emotions aside and leave their personal lives at the door. The training that they provide undoubtedly benefits the individual in managing their personal wellbeing – subsequently, this is pivotal to organisations in staff retention, improving overall motivation, workplace engagement and reducing the absence within working teams!

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