Do you ever feel listened to? When was the last time you felt the person you were talking to was REALLY listening? Have you ever experienced that feeling?

Some of us may not know if we have experienced this. Some of us may not be able to share certain thoughts or feelings with the people around us.

How did it feel if you have been listened to? Empowering? Did you connect with that person listening to you?

There is great power in feeling like we have actually been heard. It helps to validate our thoughts and can provide a deeper understanding of what we are saying.

To be truly listened to means that someone is recognising us; not dismissing us; accepting us as we are in the here and now.

Having a safe space with someone else to work through our experiences, feeling stuck or in conflict can give insight as to how best to deal with the situation we find ourselves in.

We can use this time to connect with ourselves and our inner thoughts; allowing us to hear that small voice we all have inside us.

That small voice goes back to our organismic self when we were a child knowing that we like or we do not like something; before the voice creates the ‘I should like or not like or I should do or not do because of someone or something else’.

When we trust our inner self it can calm anxieties which may have occurred from external pressures and expectations.

We may still feel these insecurities or anxieties but we have a safe place to feel listened to, to work through our experience with another human being to help us move forward with our life how we want to.

Counselling and psychotherapy can facilitate this safe place and allow anyone to explore their lived experience from their perspective, no-one elses. The counsellor or psychotherapist will hear your experience, respect and explore your feelings  and appreciate and value you as an individual with the potential to become ‘unstuck’.


Do you want to feel listened to and heard? Work through your experience? Roadblock in life? Conflict in relationships?

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