Counselling & Psychotherapy

We provide individual/ couple and family/ group counselling and psychotherapy for the issues you are experiencing.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We provide individual/ couple and family/ group counselling and psychotherapy for the issues you are experiencing.

Merulae Listens

Our approach is to value and respect the person we work with no matter who they are or what their life experience has been. Therefore LISTENING and HEARING is central to what we do. We offer a safe space and time for you to use for what you choose. We provide a Counselling and Psychotherapy service which is ethical, professional and discreet. We provide therapists who are Qualified, Registered and Accredited.

We listen and hear  your experiences, then work with you to improve your quality of life through a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Feeling Low

We offer a safe place to work through these feelings that will allow you to find your way forward.

Depression is common and engaging in this process can be effective in lifting your depression.


Partners & Family | Friends & Colleagues | Managers & Employers

We provide an independent and confidential space to work through difficulties towards appropriate solutions.


Can be very debilitating, affecting your ability to function as you would wish. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you to develop the best coping strategies for you.

Other areas we can help with…

Trauma, PTSD, Drugs or alcohol, Abuse, Bereavement, Workplace stress, Schizophrenia, Suicidal thought and feelings,

Whatever you bring…


How long will it take?

This will depend upon what you bring to your sessions, however you and your counsellor/psychotherapist will review this on a regular basis and you are at liberty to stop the process at any point. Sessions can re-commence at any point.

The first session is an assessment which lasts around an hour, this will give you and your counsellor the chance to get to know each other and briefly discuss steps moving forward.

Where do the sessions take place?

Across the West Midlands in person or via Zoom/ Skype/ WhatsApp if you choose or are not in the area.

What if I definitely want a male or female counsellor?

We have male and female counsellors and psychotherapists available.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We do our best to arrange the first session in 2-4 weeks of your initial contact with Merulae.

How do I know if my counsellor is qualified?

All of our counsellors and psychotherapists have relevant qualifications, please feel free to ask them during the initial assessment.

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This is an opportunity to ask any initial questions you might have. It is for information only and is not a therapy session.

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1st Session!

We offer a low-cost first session where you can explore if therapy is for you or if this is the right time for you to engage in it. This session does not commit you to book further sessions.

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